Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Okay, here they are.

All right already. Here are the pictures from "Fake Thanksgiving"

Here is Charlotte doing her best spinning dance.

Here is Nathan trying his luck at Foosball.

Here is the Rossi's son, M. (sorry, I do not remember his name)

Here is my pride and joy, Alex, in his mother's arms.

And here's little Ellie with a cute smile, but.....

Here's Ellie in a not-so-smiling pose :)))

A good time was had by all who were present. Sunday morning we all met for breakfast at the Pancake Cafe. Unfortunately, the group had to split up since everyone couldn't fit at our table. Kudos to NoH and LGB for putting this together every year. It's always great to get together and see how everyone is doing.


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