Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Concerts and concerts galore

It's been quite a while since Sandra and I have been to concerts. I think the last concert that we've been to is when we saw Simon & Garfunkel reunite a few years ago. This year, we will be re-living our youth. On April 23rd, we will have the chance to see Billy Joel with another couple. The best part is that the concert venue is only about a five minute drive from the abode. On October 3rd, we will see Genesis at the United Center in Chicago. I just heard that the Police will be doing two shows in Wrigley Field in Chicago July 5th and 6th. It's not official until the City council gives it the official go-ahead, since it is in a residential area. Unfortunately, we probably will not be able to go since our first child is due around that time. However, those of you who read this (Sara with no H) may be able to snarf up some tickets.