Monday, April 27, 2009

Kindness begets Kindness

This past Sunday, we went to a Borders near us to check out their CD/DVD selection. Borders was having a 30% off sale. However, when we got there, the whole music and movie section was empty. Turns out that this particular store was no longer going to sell music and movies.

Alex's birthday is coming up soon. So, when he got to the childrens' section, he was like a kid in the candy store. He has a fascination with the Wonder Pets lately, and he found a book that he liked immediately. We also got him a Curious George Learns the Alphabet book and two others.

We ran across this French Patisserie run by St. Roger Abbey. Sandra and I each had a fruit tartlet. Alex had already had a Snickerdoodle cookie, so he didn't seem interested in the tarts. The nun that was behind the counter was gracious enough to give a mini chocolate eclair to Alex. He was shy and wasn't too sure what to make of it. It was a pretty cute scene. Let me tell you, the eclair was filled with chocolate cream and a little bit of hazelnut. VERY RICH.

I decided to put some money in Alex's hands and put it in their donation box for their charity work. She didn't have to give us that eclair for free, and the patisserie raises money for their charity work. I know Alex doesn't quite understand now, but it's never too early to plant the seed of giving.