Saturday, June 28, 2008

An actual NEW post!!!!

Okay, I've been a LITTLE behind in doing this (okay, a LOT behind). Anyway, I've been thinking about what people do in what little spare time that they have in their lives. Of course, it depends on their place in life: Single, married, married with kids, empty nesters, etc. My hobbies and interests have changed over the years. Racquetball, Birdwatching, Sporting Clays (aka - golf with a shotgun), and war games were just some of the things that I did in my spare time during my single and long-distance dating days.

Now, being married and having a 1-year old son, I have only two hobbies: Photography and Genealogy. The problem is finding time on a consistent basis to follow these endeavors. My son is priority one. I try to spend time with him as soon as I get home from work late in the evening. I have had one tutoring sessions with the photographer who took our son's 6-month and 1-year photos. Here is one of the "assignment" photos that deal with shutter speed and motion. My wife was nice enough to give me another session for Father's Day.

I try to incorporate my wife and son in my shutterbug addiction (as subjects). I'll post some pictures later because I'm tired and lazy right now.

Well, I've listed my hobbies. What are some of yours?